• Safe Work MBBulletin #193

​The River East Transcona Educational Assistant’s Association has been established since 1972. The Association is the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all Educational Assistants in the River East Transcona School Division.

CATEP is a partnership between the University of Winnipeg Integrated BEd/BA Program, Seven Oaks School Division, Winnipeg School Division and RETSD.

For more information, contact RETSD Human Resources Dept.


  • Can be found on Division Staff website; Departments; Workplace Safety & Health; Title 'Website'; Safe Work Procedures
  • ​Hoyer Access Sling
  • Wheelchair - Lift & Transfer
  • V4 Lift Sling

"Kids Who Need The Most Love Will Ask for it in the MOST UNLOVING of Ways."



"I am enough of a realist to know that I can't reach every child, but I am more of an optimist to get up every morning and try."


Workplace Safety & Health

Incident Report Form

For our members!

Division Safety Work Procedures

Division Safety Manuals


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Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

  • Can be found on Division Staff website; Departments; Workplace Safety & Health; Title 'Website'; Safety Manual
  • Student Services PPE Procedures

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • ​Caring for Students 

                 - Section 02A

  • Safety Incident Reporting

                 - Section 9

  • Go to RETSD Staff Portal

  • ​Under Departments - click Workplace, Safety & Health

  • On right of page - click on the Report an Safety Incident

There you will see the "Instructions" and Expectations for all employees ............. PLEASE READ!!!!!!! STEPS 1 & 2

FORMS AVAILABLE (right of page):

  • Incident Report Form: Word Format (Click on "Save, Fill, and Email Word Form Instructions"
  • Save document to your "Documents" complete and click on 'save' again
  • Send document to necessary departments as stated in STEP 2 on form