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​The River East Transcona Educational Assistant’s Association has been established since 1972. The Association is the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all Educational Assistants in the River East Transcona School Division.

​​​​Joe Bailey                                          Pamella Champagne
Karen Franklin                                   Doris Gigian
Sandra Hurl                                        Linda Hupe
Valerie Irving                                      Tammy Janssen
Sharon Keen                                      Cindy Laroche   
Lori Mabb                                           Snezana Maroti
Connie Mitchell                                   Helen Osswald      
Leila Paulus                                        Nancy Peters
Ursula Popow                                     Ellen Satel
Susan Washnuk


R.E.T.E.A. Executive 2018 - 2019

​        President                     Tracy Quinn Gasior             RETEA Office


       Vice President             Fiona Skoc                          River East

       Treasurer                     Judy Scales                        B.E. Glavin

       Secretary                     Karen Walker                     Sun Valley

       Members-at-Large       Brenda LeBeau                  Donwood

                                           Christine Holowich              Miles Macdonell

                                           Sue MacDonald                  Bernie Wolfe


       Past President             Shelley Kile                         Donwood

Cierra Melnyk.................................Member - Sherri Melnyk

​Danielle Michaels ..........................Member - Monique Lauzon

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Retirees for 2018 - 2019

​​River EastTranscona

Educational Assistants Association

Stronger Together, Stronger Than Ever

"Kids Who Need The Most Love Will Ask for it in the MOST UNLOVING of Ways."



"I am enough of a realist to know that I can't reach every child, but I am more of an optimist to get up every morning and try."



205-1111 Munroe Ave Winnipeg MB R2K 3Z5 CA


​204.663.2954 Fax



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RETEA 2019 Scholarships

CATEP is a partnership between the University of Winnipeg Integrated BEd/BA Program, Seven Oaks School Division, Winnipeg School Division and RETSD.

For more information, contact RETSD Human Resources Dept.